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Joroto X2 review

Prior to cancelling my expensive gym membership, I regularly rode a Peloton bike at my gym. I love the feel of the Peloton bike and the interactive classes, but I just can’t afford to buy a Peloton bike for home use. So I was on the hunt for a cheap Peloton bike alternative. The Joroto X2 has an Amazon choice label and more than 4,000 5 star reviews on Amazon.. I was intrigued to see whether the bike would live up to the hype. Read on for my unbiased Joroto X2 review.

The Joroto X2 is a popular Peloton alternative at a fraction of the cost (at around $400 vs $2000 for the Peloton bike). It is one of the few bikes under $500 with magnetic resistance – this means that the bike is quieter and adjusting between levels is smoother. There is also less maintenance involved with magnetic resistance. The only other bike I found under $500 with magnetic resistance is the Pooboo bike.

The Joroto X2 also feels quite similar to the Peloton in terms of the smoothness of the ride and the upper level of resistance the bike can reach. It also has a nice sturdy feel, even when riding out of saddle. 

The main negative of the Joroto X2 for me though, is that I hate the ipad holder. I stream workouts through my ipad via the Peloton app but every time I put my ipad on the holder, I’m afraid it is going to fall off as the holder doesn’t have a sufficient lip to keep the ipad in place. The holder is really only good for holding water bottles safely in place in my opinion. And for such an impressive looking bike, it is a shame to have to diy it by using my own cables etc. to hold the ipad in place.

And while I don’t expect a touchscreen at this price point, I would like some metrics to be integrated into the bike. You could of course hack the bike, by adding for example, the Wahoo cadence tracker to your pedal arm to get your cadence and use a Fitbit to get your heart rate but it would be nice if you didn’t have too. And for a $400 bike, I think it is reasonable to have cadence and heart rate as a standard feature of the bike. There is also no way to work out your resistance level which is a problem if, like me, you like doing Peloton classes where the instructors tell your what resistance level you should be riding at. I have seen people selling resistance gauges on etsy which are designed for the Joroto X2 (you can also check out htis Youtube video on the gauge:


  • the Joroto X2 bike has magnetic resistance, meaning you’re going to get a smoother and quieter ride. Magnetic resistance is a pretty rare feature of bikes under $500.
  • unlike many other stationary bikes I’ve tried, the Joroto X2 has a wide, padded seat which I find very comfortable – even on long rides. Of course seat comfort is a personal thing. You could always change the seat if you prefer a traditional, slim line seat.
  • I really like the look of the bike. The bike is made of a heavy chrome material with a very distinctive design on the flywheel.
  • the handlebars, although thinner than some other bikes, are covered in a quality rubber material.
  • the bike has a high maximum resistance which will be plenty high enough for most riders.
  • unlike the Peloton, the Joroto x2 bike is “open platform” meaning you can use the Joroto bike with any fitness app you like, such as the Peloton digital app, Apple Fitness Plus, Youtube or you can just watch Netflix/ TV on your own device.
  • the Joroto x2 bike is portable. There are small wheels on the bike making it easy to move around.
  • unlike the Peloton, the Joroto x2 bike does not need to be plugged into a power outlet.
  • the bike is quite adjustable. The handlebars can be changes two different ways and can be moved up to 7 different heights. And the seat is adjustable to up to 10 different heights, making it suitable if you are sharing the bike with other members of your household. The seat can also be adjusted forward/ backward.


  • the most obvious con of the Joroto X2 bike is that it doesn’t come equipped with a touchscreen. The higher end bikes that come with a touchscreen (such as a Peloton) give you a lot of stats about each of your rides and records these stats.
  • the digital monitor the bike comes with is very basic. It doesn’t even light up which is a problem if you like to ride in the dark. While the monitor does track speed, distance and calories burned it doesn’t tracks power output, resistance level or cadence.
  • the Joroto X2 bike is not a “set and go” experience like the Peloton and other high end bikes. You will need to figure out another heart rate monitor, have a different device for streaming the workouts and invest in some data feed tools.
  • the mount to hold your tablet or ipad doesn’t feel very secure. I’m constantly worried I’m going to knock my ipad off the bike. The mount is also in an awkward position on the bike, effectively blocking the water bottle holder. If you want to use the mount for an ipad, I’d advise buying a separate water bottle holder to add to the frame of the bike.
  • you adjust your resistance by turning a resistance knob on the bike. There are no levels on the resistance knob. This makes it hard to work out what your resistance level actually is. So if you are doing a ride using the Peloton app for example, and the instructor is telling you to set your resistance to a certain level, it is going to be difficult to work out exactly what that level should be.  

Who is the Joroto X2 bike most suited to?

  • beginner, intermediate and advanced riders
  • riders on a budget
  • riders needing a quiet bike
  • riders who don’t need all their metrics integrated in the bike
  • riders sharing the bike with other people in their house who are of varying heights.

Joroto X2 review – Joroto X2 product specifications at a glance

Cost $400
Comes with a touchscreen?No  – it has a basic digital monitor that tracks time, speed, distance, and calories burned and an ipad/ phone mount to hold your own device.
Location of the flywheelFront
Flywheel weight35 lbs
Maximum weight of rider‎300 lbs
Minimum height of rider‎5ft
Maximum height of rider6.4ft 
Inseam measurementBetween 27.5 ins and 36.2 ins.
Type of resistanceMagnetic resistance
PedalsSteel caged pedals
Adjustable handlebars and seat?Both the handlebars and the seat are adjustable up/down and forward/backward to accommodate riders of different heights. 
Pulse sensors on handlebars? No
Ongoing monthly subscription required to use the bike?No
Drive systemBelt drive
PowerDigital monitor is battery powered. There is no need to plug the bike in to a power outlet.
Comes with speakers?No
Comes with a camera (so you can interact with other riders)No
Warranty1-year free replacement for all parts
Where are Joroto X2 bikes made?China
Comes with Bluetooth?No

Joroto X2 FAQS

Can you use cycling shoes with the Joronto X2 bike?

This bike is compatible with SPD pedals but does not come with them. So you would need to replace the standard cage pedals with SPD pedals if you wanted to use cycling shoes.

What is the weight limit for the Joronto X2 bike?

The maximum weight of a rider is 300 lbs.

Is it hard to assemble the Joronto X2 bike?

No, I didn’t find it hard at all to assemble the bike at all. It took me about 45 minutes to assemble the bike.

Does the Joroto X2 come with Bluetooth?

No, the Joroto X2 does not have Bluetooth.

Does the Joroto X2 coast when you stop pedalling?

No, the bike does not freewheel. You have to keep pedaling all the time you are riding.

Joroto X2 review – final verdict

The Joroto X2 is a great budget option if you are looking for a sturdy bike with magnetic resistance. It is also a great option if you have multiple riders in your household and need an adjustible bike.

I feel the bike is best suited to those that want to jut hop on a bike and ride without needing accesses to classes or a lot of metrics. If you are looking for these features, you could consider spending a little over $500 and getting the Joroto X2Pro which comes with Bluetooth allowing you to connect to workout apps such as the Peloton app or Zwift.

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