Camping with kids checklist – with free printable checklist

The secret to a successful family camping trip is meticulous planning. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or it is your first time,  it can be overwhelming trying to remember everything you need to pack when camping with kids. Below is our camping with kids checklist which contains everything you are likely to need.

We’ve also added a free printable checklist which you can download and use when packing and planning for your trip.  After your trip, cross of what you didn’t use and keep the rest of your checklist for next time you go camping.

Medical and cleaning 

A first aid kit is a must have item on your camping checklist

1. First aid kit including painkillers

2. Prescription medication

3. Bug spray

4. Citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes away

5. Sunscreen

6. Toilet paper  – even if the campsite has restrooms, bring extra just in case

7. Toiletries (toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, shampoo, deodorant, hair brushes, hair ties)

8. Foaming hand sanitizer

9. Baby wipes  (especially if you won’t have access to running water)

10.Wash clothes

11. Diapers if necessary

12. Hot water bottles

13. Dish soap

14. Dishcloths

15. Dishtowels

16. Water purifying tablets if you are unsure of the quality of the water

17.  Plastic tub for washing dishes which can double as a container to transport all your supplies in

18. Another plastic tub that can be used as a baby bath

18. Doormat for placing outside the tent to keep the inside clean plus a small dustpan and broom


a tent is a must have item on your camping checklist

Tip – if this is your first camping trip, see if you can borrow or rent some of this gear. If your trip goes well and you think you might want to make camping a regular family thing, you can then invest in these big ticket items.

19. Tent (plus poles and stakes) if you are tent camping. A trial run in the backyard before you go is a good idea if you have never camped before. Even if you are a pro at camping, check that the tent is still in good shape before leaving home.

20. A floor mat if tent camping to give you some extra protection from the ground. Interlocking kids’ padded alphabet tiles work well.

21. Sleeping bags

22. Extra blankets

23. Sleeping pads or air mattresses

24. Pump for air mattresses

25. Pillows

26. Pack ‘n’ play (if you have very young kids)

27. White noise machine (if your kids are light sleepers)

28. Earplugs

29. Tent fan

30. Special toy your child likes to sleep with

See  also our article on camping with toddlers and sleeping


food should go on your camping checklist


Tip-  it’s a very good idea to meal plan before you leave home. Do as much prepping as you can at home. The less chopping of ingredients you have to do around the campsite the better.  Check out these campfire recipes from Country Living for some inspiration.

31. Ingredients to make s’ mores (chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers) plus extra long roasting sticks to put some distance between little kids and the fire

32. Condiments

33. Drinks

34. Coffee/ tea/ energy drinks

35. Long life milk

36. Margarine or butter

37. Breakfast supplies (cereal, bacon, eggs, bread)

38. Salt and pepper

39. Snacks (granola bars, fruit and nuts)

40. Cooking oil

41. Alcohol and cork screw

42. Baby formula

43. Pet food if you are taking the dog


Cooking utensils should go on your camping checklist

44. Portable BBQ

45. Propane stove and extra propane

46. Cooler and ice

47. Cooking pot

48. Frying plan

49. Eating utensils

50. Cooking utensils

51. Bowls and plates

52. Cups/ mugs

53. Sippy cups

54. Long handled tongs

55. Can opener

56. Chopping board

57. Aluminum Foil

58. Paper towel

59. Jug to boil water in

60. Pot holder and oven mitts


Be sure to add clothes to camp in to your checklist

Tip – if camping with young kids, a good rule of thumb is to bring one outfit per day per kid. Adults and older kids can easily get away with wearing the same outfit on consecutive days.

61. Hats, swim shirts, swimsuits, floaties and goggles if near water

62. Sunglasses

63. Water shoes (these can be worn in the shower too)

64. Towels (bring more than you think you will need)

65. Socks

66. Underwear

67. Hiking shoes (if they are new, be sure to break them in before your trip)

68. T-shirts

69. Long sleeved shirts

70. Pants

71.  Shorts

72. Sleep wear

73. Gloves and beanies if it going to be cold

74. Jackets or sweaters

75. Rain wear (just in case)

76. Bag to put dirty laundry in


Include some things to entertain the kids on your checklist


77. Telescope for star gazing(you may also want to download the Sky map before you go)

78. Glow sticks

79. Magical flames

80. Bikes or scooters and helmets

81. Books

82. Pack of playing cards and/ or board games

83. Craft (for young kids)

84. Sketch pads and pencils

85. Frisbee, badmington set, or another active game that can be played around the campsite

86. Scavenger hunt list

87. Bluetooth travel speakers

88. Ipads if you think they will be necessary for some downtime

89. Guitar or ukulele

90. Fishing gear

Hiking gear

hiking equipment should go on your checklist

91. Backpacks

92. Baby hiking backpack or baby carrier

93. Safety whistle

94. Map and compass if no WiFi connection

95. Water bottles


Miscellaneous items to add to your camping checklist

96. Tool kit which includes a shovel, trash bags, utility knife, batteries, duct tape, rope, mallet,

97.  Flashlights, headlamps, camping lantern (or make your own)

98.  Folding camping chairs

99. Fold up table

100. Tablecloth

101. 2 tarps – 1 to cover the tent with if it rains and the other to put underneath the tent to keep the cold and damp away

102. Matches or fire lighters plus fire wood

103. Portable cell phone charger

104. Solar powered outdoor lights

105. Hammock

106. Picnic blanket

107. Screen house or sunshade for daytime use

108. Camera (if not using your phone)

109. Handwarmers if it is going to be cold

110. Booster seat or high chair

111. Potty if your child is still toilet training

112. Leash if you are taking the dog

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Camping with kids printable checklist

There’s a lot on this list. Afraid you will forget something? Don’t worry, just download our free printable camping with kids checklist and you won’t forget a thing. Of course you will not need every item on the list so just cross off what you don’t need. We’ve also left space for you to add any other items you might need and space for meal planning.

Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve left anything off the list.

Happy camping!

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