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Barre Blend Review – not from a coach!

A couple of months ago I completed Beachbody On Demand’s 80 Day Obsession workout– you can read my 80 Day Obsession review here. After completing that, I kind of lost my workout mojo and did nothing for a couple of months. To be honest I was feeling lazy and unmotivated and didn’t want to do anything too high energy. Beachbody’s Barre Blend workout seemed interesting so I decided to give it a go. Read on for my unbiased Barre Blend review.

Note: I’m in no way affiliated with Beachbody On Demand.

What is Barre Blend?

Barre Blend  is one of the online workout programs offered by Beachbody on Demand which streams workouts and provides nutrition plans. It is created by barre expert and professional dancer Elise Joan  and it is a combination of ballet, barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training. The workouts are low impact but with high intensity intervals. I was definitely sweating throughout the workouts!  It promises to “sculpt and tone without lots of impact, while improving posture and flexibility”. Because there are lots of repetitions of small range movements, you definitely feel the burn.

Each class works you all over but there is a special body-part focus each day.

For each move, you are offered a choice of intensity. There is a modifier move for beginners, a mid-line option for intermediates and an intensifier option for the more advanced. Each workout also comes with a 10 minute enhancement or recovery workout which you can choose to do.

You will need to to subscribe to Beachbody On Demand to get access to Barre Blend.

You also get:

  • Daily Motivation Cards
  • Get Started Guide + Workout Calendar
  • Beachbody Guide to Nutrition with recipes and meal prep tips

You can check out the following sample Barre Blend workout before committing to the program:

What is Beachbody on Demand?

Beachbody on Demand offers a whole suite of online workouts. Beachbody on Demand also has nutrition  programs that you can follow being the 2B mindset and the Ultimate Portion Fix. I haven’t tried these but presumably you’d see the best weight loss results if you combined one of the nutrition programs with the workouts. The nutrition programs cost extra.

Beachbody on Demand is also part of a MLM where you can sign up with a Beachbody coach to keep you motivated and can also buy meal replacement shakes (called “Shakeology”) and supplements (called “Beachbody Performance”). I didn’t want any of that so I just joined via the Beachbody on Demand website.

What are the Barre Blend workouts like?

The workouts start out at around 30 minutes each and then increase to 40 minutes.  It is an 8 week program –  5 days a week with 2 days rest.

Each day of the week targets a different area of the body as follows:

  • Mondays – Classic Full Body Blend
  • Tuesdays – Booty Blend
  • Wednesdays – Cardio Blend
  • Thursdays – Core Blend
  • Fridays – Lean Legs Blend
  • Saturdays and Sundays– Rest and Replenish.

The workouts are never repeated. On Saturdays and Sundays you can also choose to do one of the four rest and replenish workout (10 Minute Yoga Blend. 15 Minute Yoga Blend, Char Stretch and Roll and Replenish.

There are 25 additional 10 minute workouts you can do as follows:

  • Enhance the Core
  • Enhance the Cardio
  • Enhance the Upper Body
  • Enhance the Lower Body
  • Enhance the Booty
  • Side-Lying Legs
  • Booty Band Party
  • Arm Party
  • Bodyweight Barre
  • Power Chair Series
  • Breathwork Flow
  • More Standing Core
  • Full Body Sculpt
  • Ripped N Ready
  • Enhance Your Lean Legs
  • Shredded Arms
  • Best Booty Ever
  • Feel Good Cardio
  • Barre Burn
  • Rev Up/ Slim Down
  • Fat Burn 1010
  • Lift & Shape & Elevate
  • Define and Flow
  • Tone and Tighten
  • Power Flow.

Staying motivated

Barre Blend strives to be more than just a workout program  – Elise also tries to make each workout a motivational session. There are Daily Motivation Cards to help “cultivate a positive mindset”. For example “I AM CONFIDENT I believe in myself and my abilities”.  This is then carried through each workout.  Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of this and ended up playing my own music during the workouts.

Probably what helped me the most in actually completing the program was committing to doing it first thing in the morning, even though I’m not a morning person at all. I found that it helped me start the day off on the right foot. Also, very few things can get in the way of the early morning timeslot. There also various Facebook Groups you can join to keep you motivated but I didn’t bother with any of those.

If you needed extra motivation, you could sign up with a Beachbody coach. This will get you access to a challenger group – a group of people starting each workout at the same time. You can then share your trials and tribulations. But presumably if you did this the coach would put the hard word on you to buy stuff like the shakes etc. which I’m just not into.

What kind of results did  I get with Barre Blend?

This program definitely firmed up my butt and legs. I wasn’t in great shape before starting the program. but even if I was, I think the program would still be challenging.

It’s intense, but low impact (unless you do the advanced options). I probably saw the biggest changes in my glutes and hamstrings. My abs also got more defined and I saw some flexibility/mobility improvements as well.

I’m also intending to repeat the program again without having to do the modifier moves.

Is Barre Blend for everyone?

I’d say yes – Barre Blend caters well for all fitness levels. If you’ve never done a barre workout before, or if you’re just starting out, you can follow the modifier who does an easier version of each move. You can also do the moves without weights or the resistance loops if you want too. If you are very fit, you can follow the intensifier and do the 10 minute enhancements that focus on particular body parts.

I think Barre Blend would be a great workout for anyone wanting to firm up their problem areas like their butt or legs or build long, lean muscles and improve their posture. However Barre Blend may not be enough if you are looking for a heart-pumping workout. There are elements of that in Barre Blend, but it’s not a traditional HIIT cardio type workout. If you feel like you need an intense, cardio workout to feel like you’ve actually worked out, then you might want to add in some additional cardio a couple of times a week. 

Is a Beachbody subscription worth it?

For me yes it is totally worth. I’m just too time poor to go to the gym frequently. Sure, I could do workouts for free via YouTube which I have totally done in the past.  But I like having a whole 60 day program laid out in front of me with promised results at the end. And I also like not having to hunt on YouTube for interesting workouts. The Beachbody workouts are also usually much slicker than your average YouTube workout too. I like that Beachbody has a huge social media following behind it so it is easy to find information , reviews and tips on each of their workouts. I’m also just that little bit extra motivated to workout if I’ve paid for the workouts.
My advice is to ignore all the Beachbody MLM stuff like the coaches and the shakes and just focus on the workouts and being careful with your diet.

Does Barre Blend help you lose weight?

I didn’t lose much weight with the Barre Blend program. I lost maybe 2 lbs although I didn’t follow either of Beachbody’s diet plans. The Ultimate Portion Fix plan involves controlling portions by measuring food into different colored containers and honestly just looked a little too time consuming for me. I also wasn’t interested in a restrictive diet (Edit: I have since done the 21-Day-Fix program which includes the Ultimate Portion Fix diet). But I feel like if you wanted to see significant short term weight loss  for an upcoming special event, such as a wedding, you’d see good results following the Barre Blend program in conjunction with one of Beachbody’s diet plans. For me though, that type of weight loss wouldn’t be sustainable in the long term.
I don’t think any workout program is effective enough to help you lose significant weight if you continue to eat poorly. That said, if you’re currently not doing anything to move your body and you at least implement this program 5 days a week, you’ll likely see some changes. If nothing else, you’ll be stronger and stand taller because of the postural improvements that the workouts provide.
They do mention at the beginning at the program that you should take your measurements before embarking on the program. I did lose 3 inches off my waist. And my posture is definitely better! I also find myself checking and correcting myself if I am slumping.

Pros of the Barre Blend program

  • You can do the workouts from home or anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • It’s cheaper than a gym subscription and you’ll save time on travelling to and from the gym.
  • New workouts each day keeps things fresh.
  • The workouts don’t require much room. 
  • One person in the class is a “modifier” meaning they do an easier version of each exercise.
  • If you struggle to motivate yourself, you can always get a Beachbody coach (for an extra cost).
  • You could repeat the workout program at a higher level of intensity if you wanted to.

Cons of the Barre Blend program

  • There are no breaks in between moves. Once a workout begins, you keep moving and working until the very last minute.
  • The way BeachBody pushes their Shakeology shakes, nutrition bars etc. can be a bit off putting. The cynic in me wonders what happens after you finish the program – are you meant to just keep buying these forever?
  • I was a bit worried at times that I wasn’t doing the moves correctly. But BeachBody recommends you check out their “Barre Basics” workout before undertaking the program so you get a feel for how to do the moves correctly.
  • Some people might find the host Elise’s positivity a bit much. But I guess you could always just turn your own music up if you wanted to.
  • If you are looking to lose weight and you want a diet plan to follow, you need to pay extra for Beachbody’s nutrition programs.

Barre Blend cost

The minimum you can pay for a Beachbody on Demand subscription is US$59.85 for 3 months ($19.95 per month). This plan doesn’t include the protein shakes (called “Shakeology”).  A 12 month plan that gives you access to just the workouts will set you back $99 for the whole year ($8.25 per month). There is also an option to get a bundle which includes Beachbody on Demand plus the Shakes and the nutrition plan. 

Even though some of the longer Beachbody on Demand subscription plans work out cheaper in the long run, I recommend joining on the 3 month membership plan to see if it is right for you. The 3 month plan gives you a free 14 day trial (you still need to enter your credit card details). If you don’t cancel within the 14 day trial, you’ll  get charged for the full 3 months.

Ballet Barre FAQs

What equipment do you need for Barre Blend?
  • hand weights (1-5 lbs). I usually use 4 lbs weights when working out but they were way too heavy for me for Barre Blend. I had to drop down to 2 lbs weights
  • sturdy chair, couch or kitchen counter at the right height or Ballet Barre.
  • resistance loops (if you want to do the or intensifier moves)
  • yoga mat and
  • barre socks (optional).

Do you need a ballet barre to do Barre Blend?

You don’t need a ballet barre to do the workout.  Any sturdy surface at the appropriate height (such as a  kitchen bench or chair) will do.

Can you do Barre Blend without the resistance loops?

You definitely could. But if you want to do the more advanced version of the moves (and therefore see better results), you might want to get some. They are pretty cheap if you get them off Amazon – about $10.  Also, they are used in other Beach Body programs such as 80 Day Obsession so they are a worthwhile investment.

How long is each workout?

Each workout is about 30 – 40 minutes long.

Is Barre Blend difficult?

Beachbody on Demand promote Barre Blend as an intermediate workout program. Lots of muscles get worked that don’t in other programs, especially in the legs. Also, the muscles are being put under tension for longer periods of time than other Beachbody on Demand  programs. I was shaking and burning from holding the squats, and that was doing the modifier moves.  My advice is to start with lower hand weights than you will think you will need. 




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