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Baby Sleep Solutions book – a review

Almost every parent to be is made well aware that they are about to embark on a major sleep deprivation journey once their baby is born. For some parents that journey can literally last years. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Enter the book Baby Sleep Solutions written by mother and parenting blogger  Katrina Villegas. The book is packed full of practical tips and advice to help you get your baby to sleep through the night.

This book is not about using the dreaded crying-out-method to get your baby to sleep well. Instead the author advocates using the following 6 practical steps to establish healthy sleep routines:

  1. Show your baby the difference between night and day
  2. Make sure your baby is full before putting them down for a sleep
  3. Set up routines
  4. The eat, wake, sleep cycle explained
  5. Get your baby on a feeding and sleep schedule
  6. How to tackle night-time wakings.

5 reasons why we love Baby Sleep Solutions

1. It’s full of practical advice

A baby’s sleep schedule can be equal parts puzzling and frustrating for parents. Your baby is fed, clean and warm– why won’t they just sleep? Of course there are many books on the market by medical professionals and sleep specialists that promise to help get your baby sleeping through the night. A lot of them are heavy on why sleep is so important but very light on the practical details. But Baby Sleep Solutions is different – the author is a Mom who has actually been in the baby sleep trenches herself. She shares in detail what has worked for getting her babies into  healthy sleep routines. She is also very honest about what hasn’t worked for her family.

The author notes that babies need to be taught how to sleep. This idea will be quite revolutionary for many new parents. Parents need to provide sleep cues and establish routines if they want their baby to adopt healthy sleep habits.

Some of the practical advice in the book includes:

  • ensuring your baby doesn’t fall asleep while feeding so that you can be sure they are full enough to get a good night’s sleep. She offers practical details on how to keep them awake – put a cold wash clothes on their forehead is one example.
  • Speaking to your baby in hushed tones at night-time so that they learn that nights are for sleeping.

2. The example feeding and nap schedules

Tired, new Moms who are at a loss as to how to start teaching their babies how to sleep will love the author’s specific feeding and nap sample schedules, broken down by age.

The author has also included a chart featuring the recommended wake times for a  baby’s first year.

3. The book is a short, easy read

The book is a quick read that even the most sleep deprived parents should be able to get through without much of an issue. The author gets straight to the point with ideas that will quickly assist you to get your baby in to healthy sleep routines.

4. The book has nothing to do with the crying-out-method

Many other books on the market advocate sleep training by essentially just letting your baby cry themselves to sleep.  We love that the book advocates a gentle approach to sleep training that is all about teaching your baby how to sleep through the night using routines and other cues.

5. It works!

The author conducted a survey of parents and found that of those that used similar techniques for encouraging their babies to sleep, 80% had their baby sleeping a full 12 hours a night before the age of 6 months.

Concluding thoughts

We found ourselves nodding in agreement throughout much of the book. The author’s advice just made so much sense! The gentle sleep training method she advocates will come as a relief to stressed out, tired parents. And of course a well rested baby is a happy baby, ready to smash their milestone out of the park!

 You can find Katrina Villegas on her blog Mama’s Organized Chaos where she shares other great tips for new parents.

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